Tips For Choosing The Best Women’s Clutch Bag

Tips For Choosing The Best Women's Clutch Bag

You have to understand what a clutch bag is. A bag that is suitable for both men and women. The bag is simple but makes it look cooler. This type of bag is already very popular in Indonesia. not only from the upper class, the middle class has also used it. In fact, the simplest version is now used as a wedding favor.

The shape is very easy, even almost like a wallet. How to wear it is not like most bags that are slung over the shoulder or hung on the hand. You can carry the clutch using the way it is held or just gripped.

Clutch means a bag whose model is similar to a wallet, so how to use it means holding it. This handbag has a very simple design with a shape that seems flat or thin. The thin model is one of the differences between a clutch using a wallet in general.

Tips For Choosing The Best Women's Clutch Bag

Another clutch feature that makes it out of sync with the wallet is the small strap that functions to hang the bag on the wrist or forearm. the existence of this short strap or strap makes the bag more secure because it is not practical for people to grab it.

In addition, the size of the clutch also tends to be larger when compared to the wallet. It has a wider length and width so that it can be used to carry more items.

If your wallet can’t be used to carry a smartphone, then with this handbag you sbobet can do it. In fact, you can fit the tablet into the clutch as long as it’s the right size.

Using other terms, a wallet-like clutch uses a wider scope where you can put money, smartphones, to small notebooks and stationery into it.

Interestingly, just like a small backpack, this bag can also be used by both men and women. just adjust the design and materials. In addition, because of its practical design, many people who try to produce their own clutch follow the tutorials on the internet. By making it yourself, your handbag will look more unique, in accordance with the direct character, and nothing compares to it at all.

Choose the best material

Among the two materials used in making clutches are cloth and leather. The fabric looks more casual and flexible, so it can be filled with practically anything. While the leather seems more sturdy and durable, but the price tends to be more expensive.


Next, you can choose the product according to the program you are attending. As is known, this bag can be used anywhere. Suitable for parties, also suitable for casual style. So, you have to adjust the model and design to use it.

If you really want to take it to a party, you might be able to choose a clutch whose surface is given additional sparkling accessories like those commonly found in minaudiere bags.


Size also really needs to be considered because it must be adjusted according to the needs of the wearer. If the personal items that you often carry are relatively many and there are large ones, then obviously buying a clutch with large dimensions is the right choice.

On the other hand, if the items that you often carry are not too many, then even the small size seems to be representative.